You have the chance to win two different functional and out of this world beautiful women's wetsuits by KASSIA+SURF, founded by pro surfer and wave dancer, Kassia Meador. 

Just like us, KASSIA+SURF is dedicated to protecting our oceans and encouraging everyone to get to the beach!

You can purchase one or more raffle tickets online or physically at the beach performances on August 19 and August 26.

There will be one winner per performance who will receive one wetsuit. Each winner will be announced after each Saturday performance.

Proceeds from the raffle tickets go directly to support Beach Sessions Dance Series.
(If you win, you will receive the wetsuit in your size)

2MM NOT SO LONG JANE (click here for more info)

2MM LONG ARM SPRING (click here for more info)

KASSIA+SURF wetsuits are created with best quality materials to maximize the surf experience. The Not So Long Jane and Long Arm Spring suits all feature an infrared thermal heat lining on the chest and back for extra warmth in the water. We combined that with wind resistant smooth material, which we strategically placed on the torso, arms and legs along with fabric knee pads to ensure durability and maximum flexibility in and out of the water. Each sleeved suit includes s small zip stash packet on the left arm to keep your keys, money or wax at the ready.

Founded in performance functionally with conscious creative approach, KASSIA+SURF is dedicated to creating premium surf and lifestyle products that will enhance every trip to your favorite beach or waterway. We use local vendors for many o our goods, thinking about and working towards lessening our impact on the environment any chance we get. We create concious, sustainable and thoughtul products to accompany you on your journey whereever it may take you. PAUSE * CENTER * RESET